Ylang Ylang Essential Oil, 50ml

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A modern favourite of perfumeries, aromatherapists and home cosmeticians, this essential oil is now widely used in a plethora of products for its universally pleasing and delicately tropical floral fragrance.

As if that weren't enough to make it make it highly prized, there are also many therapeutic benefits that further raise its status. It is said to be a real mood lifter that fights depression and can ward off anxieties, sadness and stress. Recent studies have also reported beneficial effects against eczema, acna, dermatitis, and other skin complaints and irritations. Antiseptic properties of the oil may guard against sepsis and tetanus, while also protecting a wound from a variety of bacteria viruses and fungi.

Our "Pro" style 50ml bottles are packed especially for aromatherapists or others using larger quantities. Bottled to order, with tamper evident dropper caps to ensure perfect quality. Batch coded and labelled to show a best before date.

Latin Name Cananga odorata
Part of Plant Used Flowers
Origin Comores
Extraction Method Steam Distillation
Ingredients 100% pure essential oil of Cananga odorata


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