Neroli Dilute Essential Oil, 10ml

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Neroli is distilled from the flowers of the bitter, or sour, orange and is well known as the main constituent of Eau-de-Cologne. It is citrusy, but more bitter and aromatic than orange.

Has a reputation for driving off less pleasant odours and is thus a great oil to use in a home-made deodorant or in a vaporizer as a room freshener. As a bonus, it has antiseptic properties and may help to relieve skin infections. As skincare, it might help to fade scars and other minor blemishes, and can help to maintain moisture and oil balance.

Latin Name Citrus aurantium
Part of Plant Used Flowers
Origin Tunisia
Extraction Method Steam Distillation
Ingredients 5% dilution of essential oil of Citrus aurantium in Grapeseed oil


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