Jasmine Absolute Pure Essential Oil, 10ml

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This strong sweet oil is evocative of the far east, where the flowers are much in demand. Now widely cultivated throughout the world is is said around 8,000 harvested flowers are required to make a single ml of absolute (see below for more affordable dilute products). It is one of the most ancient botanical scents for cosmetic products and is still massively popular today. Blends well with bergamot, rose, sandalwood and citrus notes.

It also has spiritual associations, being a common accompaniment to meditation and ritual in the east, promoting feelings of harmony and optimism.

Some studies suggest that, combined with massage, it may offer relief for women suffering menstrual discomfort or irregularity, and untimely menopause. Said also to ease insomnia, promoting a restful state.

Latin Name Jasminum officinale
Part of Plant Used Dried Flowers
Origin India
Extraction Method Solvent extraction
Ingredients 100% pure essential oil of Jasminum officinale


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