Benzoin , Dilute/Dpg Essential Oil, 10ml

Benzoin , Dilute/Dpg Essential Oil, 10ml

Ancient Wisdom

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A thck, golden, aromatic and resinous oil from the Benzoin Tree. Known since antiquity, with evidence pointing to its use in several ancient civilizations, more odern research points to a number of medicinal benefits; improved circulation, anxiety relief,infection prevention of infection and sepsis, and improved digestion. Good for removing unpleasant odours of both home and body, and tones the muscles and skin. The oil's warm, disinfectant and expectorant qualites are said to ease coughs, congestion and respiratory discomfort, thus widely used in balms, rubs and vaporizers.

  • Latin Name : Styrax Benzoin
  • Part of Plant Used : Resin
  • Origin : Phillipines
  • Extraction Method : Solvent Extraction

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