Basil Essential Oil, 10ml

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Basil, or Sweet Basil, was widely known in antiquity and believed to fortify the mind and emotions. Today this warm herbaceous oil remains in widespread use for aramotherapy, skin and hair care, and medicinally.

In aromatherapy this oil combats tiredness and headaches and improves concentration among other uses. In cosmetics, it calms and soothes dry or irritated skin and supports the repair of damage. It is also reputedly an antimicrobial and insect repellant, thus an excellent oil to have around the house and great for supporting a spring clean.

Latin Name Ocimum basilicum
Part of Plant Used Leaves of flowering herb
Origin India
Extraction Method Steam Distillation
Ingredients 100% pure essential oil of Ocimum basilicum


Essential oils must be used with care, and only very small amounts (a few drops) are generally required. For topical applications a base or carrier oil is best :

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