About Us

Welcome to the world of the Wessex Trader. This is where Mrs Wessex Trader and I ply our trade across the digiwaves and attempt to bring joy to the world through the procurement and supply of the finest natural botanicals and minerals to a discerning clientele.

Why "Wessex Trader"?

Well, I hail from the fair land of Wessex, and hanker to return one fine day (in the meantime we are hunkered down in grimy London). Having lost too many hours on box sets of "Vikings" and "The Last Kingdom", it became a working title, and the name just kinda stuck, so here we are.

 Our Ethics

 A great concern these days, and rightly so. We are concerned about the future of commerce, of the world, and of the souls that battle to survive daily in it. We believe that things have to change and as such we are committed to sourcing natural and organic products wherever we can. We don't always succeed, but this effort is ongoing, and we aim always to drive down any use of synthetics, pollutants, plastics and the like. We are continually trying to improve our sourcing, and bring higher quality, more sustainable and ethical products. And we're not trying to be clever, it just makes sense.

To this end we:

  • Have an ongoing program to reduce our plastics to zero and adopt biodegradable packaging for our own products and from third-party suppliers where available. We re-use as much packaging material as possible.
  • Source from suppliers based in the UK (although it is the nature of our business that many products come from far afield on the first leg of their journey).

Medical Matters

The therapeutical value of nature's bounty has been common knowledge for centuries, but the scientific rigour applied thus far has been patchy and false claims and counter-claims, exaggerations and pure fantasies are commonplace on the interweb. We are not doctors, therapists, or consultants, so please do not treat us as such. When we speak of medical conditions, or of treatments, we do not offer this as medical advice, we are simply reporting the lore around these products. Please do not see essential oils, or similar, as a replacement for your doctor's advice or treatment, and always seek detailed and personalised advice from a qualified physician or therapist.

Thank you

Many thanks for getting this far and taking the time to read this short bio. If there is anything else you would like to know, then please don't hesitate to get in touch, particularly if it would make you happier to do business with us!

We don't like to give out names in these days of internet weirdness, but can always be reached via hello@wessextrader.co.uk or through the contact page.

Best wishes, good luck, and may your dreams (the good ones) come true.

Destiny is all.

The Wessex Trader