Cajaput Essential Oil, 10ml

Cajaput Essential Oil, 10ml

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Not a household name, and not known for its culinary application, this oil's main value is medicinal as it is said to fight bacterial infection, viruses, and fungi. It ay offer some protection from tetanus if applied to cuts and wounds before a proper vaccine and medical assistance is reached. It is an efective insect repellant. Offers immediate relief as a decongestant and expectoranr for colds, coughs or other inflammations of the respiratory tract. Has a warming effect that stimulates the circulatory system. In cosmetic applications it smooths and brightens skins, while offering some resistance to infection, making it a common ingredient in antiseptic creams.

  • Latin Name : Melaleuca Cajuputi
  • Part of Plant Used : Leaves & Twigs
  • Origin : Indonesia
  • Extraction Method : Steam Distillation

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